Summer vacation mode season is gearing up and celebrities are already jet-setting to mark the occasion.

The latest star to have us ready to pack our bags and grab our passports is four-time Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross, and her adorable family. 

The retired runner, her husband (two-time Super Bowl champ Aaron Ross) and their son Deucey are on vacay in her homeland of Jamaica and the trip is making us want to book a flight. 

Dinner by the beach....

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Not only is the family of three joined by Richard-Ross’ sister Shari and her husband Tyrell, and their son, Slade, but her best friend Yolande and her family came along for the fun too. They group is making lasting memories and taking lots of great photos on their trip.

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Did we mention that the entire trip involves everyone rocking coordinated outfits? It’s seriously the cutest thing ever!

It’s always been us... 💕

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Just peachy... #itscoordinated #palacelife

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Day 4 ♠️♠️♠️♠️

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F A M I L Y‼️

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In the days leading up to Ross to joining the family getaway, Sanya and her baby boy basked in the sunshine for some mother-son bonding that gave us all of the feels. 

The boss until Daddy gets here..... 😉😍

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Dinner time.... #ItsCoordinated #FamilyVacay

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Please excuse us while we prep or bags.