Aside from her killer looks and impeccable dance moves, Ciara has garnered a reputation for being a manifestation machine. Folks on social media are constantly asking for “the prayer” that led her to meet her successful, nurturing and God-fearing husband Russell Wilson. But did you know that Mr. Wilson also did some praying himself? Pull up a chair…it’s storytime!

During an Instagram Live session with their friend La La Anthony, Ciara was asked once again about her conversations with the man upstairs that lead her and Wilson to meet. “That’s the thing, I prayed many nights,” Ciara responded. “The thing is like, people always say ‘the prayer.’ It’s not one prayer, it’s multiple prayers. Especially when you’re going through a big transition in life. I was single mom-ing it and that is something I never envisioned, never imagined. And at that point, you’re at a time in your life where you have to think about exactly where you are and where you want to go.”

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Wilson then jumped in and added, “the funny thing is everybody asks what the prayer was for Ciara, but nobody really asks me what the prayer was for me,” he said.

He says he recalls being a single man and trying to figure out what he wanted in a partner. Ultimately, he decided, “I didn’t want perfection, I want the perfect thing for me.”

For Wilson, it all came down to five distinct qualities that he wanted (and ultimately found) in a wife: a woman of faith, a woman who is faithful, an independent woman, a woman to love him the way his mother loved his dad, and woman who could “tilt the room.”

When Anthony confirms that he “got all five” in Ciara, he corrects her by saying, “I got five for five, plus some more.”

Are these two couples goals or what? Watch the sweet video below:


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