Russell Wilson Has Good Advice For Couples Blending Families
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images
Russell Wilson and Ciara love their children immensely and have seemingly blended their families effortlessly. During an interview on Buzzfeed’s AM to DM, CiCi’s hubby was asked for tips on how blended families can make it work. He answered like a champ, of course.
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“In terms of tips, I mean, you know being there for your kids, you know, tucking them down, putting them to bed, going to as many things as you can,” he says of his role as dad. “And I think ultimately—you know the thing that I’ve learned the most and I think this is real, the thing that I’ve learned the most is that being a stepdad and then also having our little daughter as well, being a stepdad, you really find out what love’s like. It’s interesting. It’s easy to love somebody that’s blood and everything else, but when you can love somebody just like it’s your own child and everything else, that’s what real love is like.” Ciara and Russell have been married for two and a half years and are raising two children together, their shared daughter, Sienna Princess Wilson, 1, and Ciara’s son, Future Zahir Wilburn, 4, from her previous relationship with rapper Future.


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