These days it’s hard to talk about Black Love in the spotlight without mentioning reality TV’s most loyal couple, rappers Remy Ma and Papoose.

The Love and Hip-Hop New York stars have been serving up one relationship goal after another on the show and Instagram and now their fans will be happy to learn that there’s an official relationship guide in the works. That’s right — their gems are coming to print!

On the heels of releasing her 7-minute diss track, “ShEther” directed at fellow female MC Nicki Minaj, Remy announced that she and her hubby are working on a relationship guide right now.

Known for their rock solid marriage, which began while Remy was incarcerated and remained strong through her time in prison and after her release, the Mackies have quickly become the people’s choice and they know what their fans want.

The Bronx native told Buzzfeed’s popular Another Round podcast, that they are indeed writing a relationship book.

“I’m doing a book,” she revealed. “I’m writing a relationship book with my husband. It’s so cool but it’s really crazy because he’s really good with words and I’ll look over his shoulder and be like let me give us women better advice because he’s over here trying to show us out.”

The couple met more than a decade ago and their chemistry onscreen and in person is undeniable. Their bond is so unreakable in fact, they never even worried about whether or not the reality TV relationship “curse” might come their way.

“What me and my husband have is really genuine and people were really worried, like, ‘I’m worried about you guys I see people in these relationships and they go on reality TV shows and their relationships go to sh-t.’ And I’m like considering that I was in prison for almost seven years, he kinda stuck around!” Remy said.

Not only did she reveal that she and Pap are dropping a book, there are also talks that they could be getting their very own reality show focused on Black love. Trust us, we definitely already have our DVR’s set for that.


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