Remy Ma And Papoose Are Already Considering Having Another Baby
As rappers Remy Ma and Papoose await the arrival of their baby, which Pap has dubbed “The Golden Child,” the couple is already thinking about adding another bundle of joy to their family. The Mackies, who both have children from previous relationships, stopped by The Real to talk about their struggles with fertility, their new baby, and whether not they plan on having more kids. According to Remy Ma, it all depends on her husband, and whether or not he can keep his penchant to spoil their new baby under control. “When we did IVF, we did two cycles. The first cycle, we only got one egg and I was nervous. I was like, let’s just do it again so we’ll have more,’” she explained. “We got one again the second time, so we had two. One was a boy, one was a girl, but I didn’t want to know which one [doctors implanted].” She continued, “So I told [Papoose], if he behaves and doesn’t spoil ‘The Golden Child’ like he’s planning to do, we have a good baby and he accepts my nanny stuff and all of that, maybe somewhere around 2020, we’ll do the other one.” The couple has been very open about their fertility challenges, which included several ectopic pregnancies and the loss Remy’s fallopian tubes. But the journey was worth it, and “the Golden Child” is due in December. During their appearance on The Real, Remy and Pap also discussed their upcoming baby shower, which will be inspired by the 1950s. Dubbed “Remy’s Sock Hop and Soda Shop,” the Mackies will ask guests to predict the baby’s sex by dressing in either pink or blue. Sounds like a great time!


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