Moms everywhere appreciated this very real moment from Remy Ma, which perfectly captures the balancing act that is being a working mom.

During a recent virtual episode of The Real, Remy, her husband, rapper Papoose, and their one-year-old daughter Reminisce joined to talk about how their family dynamic has evolved since social distancing.

The rapper revealed that she and her husband have family and friends who have been affected and even passed away from COVID-19. They also explained they would consider relocating from New York to their second home in North Carolina, “if this continues to get worse.”

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As the interview continued, baby Reminisce began to cry despite her parents’ attempts to rock her. “She wants to eat,” Remy said as she turned her baby towards her to start breastfeeding.

The interview continued without a hitch, and fellow moms commended Remy on normalizing breastfeeding. “Shout out to Remy for breastfeeding her child on TV and for the ladies of The Real to keep the conversation going as usual,” one YouTube commentator noted. Another comment read, “as a mother that currently breastfeeds and have breastfed all of my children this truly gave me life.”

Later, Remy hopped on her Instagram Live to talk more in-depth about her breastfeeding journey. “The goal was to stop [breastfeeding] when she turned one,” she explained. “But when she turned one, she wasn’t having it. So I was slowly weaning her off. It’s definitely dramatically down. But ever since the quarantine, she’s super attached now. I just want my boobs back to myself.”

The Bronx native also revealed that she’s invested in breastfeeding books like “Latch” by lactation consultant Robin Kaplan. Even though she breastfed her older child until he was three, she’s determined to get baby Reminisce weaned off breastfeeding by the time she’s 18 months…even if it means doing it “cold turkey.”

Moms, can you relate?


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