Your Best Dating Advice

Somebody Told Me…

There’s so much dating and relationships advice out there for single combing through it all can be exhausting. Sometime’s the best advice is from the people that know you best–your mother, your best friend, your husband even. We asked our Facebook friends, “What’s the best advice about dating, men and love that you ever got? Who/where did you get it from?”

“Years ago my pyschology teacher told me and several other female students to “not marry a man we loved, but rather one we liked a whole lot because love makes you do crazy things,” Sharon K D Hoskins said.

Find out what advice your other fellow readers stand by.

Stand Alone

After a bad breakup my grandmother told me to “take a break from the men for 6 months. Find a hobby because all they want to do anyway is park their shoes at the side of your bed.”–Coretta Sneed

Smarty Pants

From my mom: Find a man who’s as smart as you or smarter because it’s easier to learn what he knows, rather than having to teach him what you know.–Annette A. Wilson

Hug It Out

I was told to “choose my battles wisely…you shouldn’t expect to win every argument”…my best friend who has been married 7 years told me that.–Tamika Bowman


That while it is tempting to run to ya[sic] girlfriends or ya[sic] mama, you should really keep your relationship’s personal business…personal. My auntie Faye married for over 20 years gave me that gem.–Keylina Lashay

Word is Bond

Trust in everything! Honey if you can’t hang on to that man’s every word, then don’t marry/date him. You have to trust him to be your eyes if you can’t see, your arms if you can’t reach, your legs if you can’t walk and your mind if you can’t think….” A sermon at my church “Divine by Design”–Carlisa Jackson

The Greatest Love of All

To get to know/love myself first. How can we love someone else if we don’t love ourselves?~personal experience.–Mulkah Adeyinka Adebayo

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Tag You’re It

My father–never chase behind a man! If he wants you, you won’t have to find him…he’ll be there!–Iris Edmond

Sage Words

An older wiser woman advised me to get a man who loved me more than I loved them so if it ended I wouldn’t be that hurt.–Shawnte White

Big Mamma Knows Best

My grandmother told me not to make time for someone who doesn’t make time for you. And she never lied!–Patricia Rojas

I Saw the Sign

My mom-recognize the signs and don’t ignore them; always ask the Lord about the person you’re dating.–Eye Seein Jay

Tick Tock

My mother always says grown folk find time for what they want to do and if a man can’t find time for you its because he doesn’t want you. Cold but true!–Reba Whaley

Hey Good Lookin’

When I was about twenty five I was talking with a woman who was in her late sixties. I was tired of relationship drama and stated “I was going to start dating ugly men, because there were just too many issues with the fine ones. (Bad credit, baby mama drama, cheaters, etc. etc.)” “The woman told me to date a fine man, because the ugly men will give you the same heart ache! You need to just find a fine man with fine qualities and characteristic’s.”–Rsheemah Gregg

Do You Want To?

My best friends mom said ‘don’t start doing what u don’t wanna keep doing’!..u know how at the beginning of a relationship we women want to impress by cooking all the time, washing his clothes, ironing his clothes…don’t start that then he’ll think it will always be that way!!–Melba Boyd-Gordon

Great Expectations

My husband told me that a woman should expect more from a man. A woman shouldn’t settle for less than the best that a man can give to a woman.–Rhoda Harris-Judie

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