Shamari And Ronnie DeVoe Celebrate Life And Love On Their 13th Wedding Anniversary
Paras Griffin/Getty Images
Shamari and Ronnie DeVoe are in it for the long haul. The couple is currently embarking on their first season on Real Housewives Of Atlanta, though they made sure to prioritize some good old fashioned quality time in Puerto Rico to celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary. Shamari posted a photo of herself and bae looking madly in love while vacationing at the La Concha Resort. “Just out here celebrating love and commitment on our wedding anniversary,” she writes. “Cheers to 13 years! 3/10” The couple clinked glasses to celebrate their union. “Cheers to a lifetime of love, joy, commitment, compassion, understanding…more babies,” Shamari says during their Insta-toast. “This is our 13-year wedding anniversary and I am so blessed to have this wonderful, God-fearing, humble man who is so amazing. Who loves his family. Who would do anything for us. And I will back in return to him.” Shamari also posted a family photo with their twin boys in which she thanks God for “keeping His hands on their marriage.” The adorable group shot was taken last year at a RBRM: Ronnie, Bobby Ricky & Mike show. Swipe through collection of photos to see a throwback from their wedding day! Ronnie showed appreciation for his wife while sharing the same series of photos, in addition to a post declaring what a healthy relationship is all about. “Loving someone is a life long journey of changing and growing together,” read the post. “Fighting to change only brings more frustration. As you grow in love, you have to accept the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual changes in one another.” As newcomers on the popular Real Housewives Of Atlanta series, Ronnie and Shamari have drawn a curious following. The former member of R&B group Blaque admitted that the couple experimented with having an open relationship—a decision they say brought them closer together. “I learned that we ARE destiny partners and that we will never allow anybody to come between our love bond again,” Shemari said on the show. “We went through a lot of heartache and pain, but we stayed committed to working it out and were able to overcome our challenges and use our story as our testimony.”


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