New Study: Brooklyn and Detroit Women The Most Picky, Miami and St. Louis Women The Least
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Popular dating site recently analyzed over 400,000 online dating interactions of single women between the ages of 18 and 99, and the results may surprise you.

Single women living in Brooklyn, New York are the least likely to reply to an online dating message followed by the women of Detroit, Michigan in a close second. Women living in Minneapolis, Cincinnati and Los Angeles came in third, fourth and fifth places.

But where there’s one extreme, there’s always the other. The survey also found that female residents of Miami, St. Louis, Las Vegas and Portland were the least picky when it came to interacting with members of the opposite sex in online dating profiles.

We’re sure there’s probably more to this story, but it’s interesting considering women in metropolitan areas often complain that it’s more difficult to find quality men to date. Ladies, are we being too selective? What’s the dating scene like in your region? Are you from one of the singled out cities? State your case below!