Not every marriage is worth saving, and that’s a personal choice a couple in a struggling relationship must make together. There is no one size fits all rule when it comes to whether or not a couple should end their marriage, but there is solid advice available for those hoping to salvage theirs and restrengthen their bond. While divorce numbers have decreased in the country since the global pandemic hit, for many couples whose relationship was already in trouble, the tensions of the last year has served as a breaking point.

Natalia Wilson, managing partner of Ain & Bank, is one of the top attorneys in Washington, D.C. and one of the leading divorce lawyers in the country. Ain & Bank, a national family law firm, oversees separations, divorces, custody agreements and other family matters for some of the country’s top executives, celebrities, athletes and politicians. Wilson spends a good deal of her time consulting with clients and potential clients, helping to mend broken relationships, sorting out custody issues and consulting and writing prenuptial agreements. She’s seen firsthand how seemingly healthy marriages suddenly break down, but she also knows a lot about how to save them too.

“If couples were just more thoughtful about their actions, words and decisions, there would be many more happy marriages, and fewer divorces, and I would be doing a lot more prenuptial agreements,” said Wilson. 

Here, Wilson shares her best advice for couples looking to make it work and avoid divorce.