I believe that at least once in their lives, every woman should pay for a fancy dinner date with a guy, if only to appreciate where the guys are coming from. I know, all the old fashioned ladies are shaking their heads and holding on to their wallets right now saying, “It’s the man’s duty to pay for the date and it’s my responsibility to look drop dead gorgeous and charm him to pieces…” But I would argue that he should show up looking fine and be charming as hell, too. While it’s argued that women spend the same amount of money (or more) on a date just by prepping (think hair, nails, outfit, etc.), I’m not that kind of girl. I have my own style of sexy and it does not amount to a paycheck’s worth of primping. Realizing that I had never paid for an entire dinner date — I’ve paid the tip, bought a round, gone dutch, and even paid for cheaper lunch dates, but I’ve never picked up the whole check for a nice dinner — I recently decided to put my belief into action. I asked a friend (who I’ve been testing the waters with) to go out to dinner. I knew I wanted to go somewhere nice and I knew I wanted us to drink well. I was going to need a decent amount of cash. Throughout the week, I found myself budgeting for my date. I skipped my late-afternoon brownies and my early morning latte, just to make sure that I could spend whatever was necessary on my guy without feeling stretched thin until the next paycheck. When our dinner date came, I sat at the table thinking, “So this is what guys go through — trying to pay attention to our conversation while all the while doing addition and multiplication in their heads.” One bottle of wine, $36. Two appetizers $12 and $13. One large entree to share, $30. Wait, what percentage is tax? What’s twenty percent of all that? Okay, I think I’ll be alright. When I got the bill at the end of dinner, I looked at the amount and thought, “Thank God I don’t have to do this all the time.” I’m definitely more appreciative of being treated to a night out by a guy that I’m dating. Do I feel like I’m worth it? Hell yes! Will I throw it back if I think he’s worth it? Absolutely. But not too often — dates are expensive! Maybe I’ll spend a little extra time in front of the mirror to make up for it.