I’ve Interviewed Hundreds of Happy Couples and These 6 Relationship Secrets Work Every Time

In my professional career, I’ve had the distinguished pleasure of covering love, marriage, dating and relationships for over 15 years, and in doing so, I’ve interviewed, literally, nearly a thousand couples about how they fell in love and how they make their love work. What I love most about the work that I do here at ESSENCE is that as much as there’s always something new to learn about how we love, there are certain facts and advice that always remain. When people ask me what makes love and marriage work, I always say the same thing: “It’s a work in progress for every couple, but there are certain pieces of advice that all of the happiest couples I’ve interviewed seem to agree on.” Here’s a list of those things, with the hope that it can help you and your partner strengthen your bond during the national quarantine and beyond.