How-To: Guarantee The Second Date
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How many times have you wanted that “second date” with that special someone, but when you try to reach out your met with silence, or a cold “ not interested”. I bet you might have wondered, “What could I have done wrong?”

Consider the 5 “No No’s” that should be avoided during your first date.

1. Don’t talk about your Ex or discuss your prior dates. Remember your new date is interested in the “Here and Now,” not your past dating conquests or heartbreaks. If they ask you a question about an Ex or previous relationship, you can answer briefly and turn the conversation away from that topic, don’t get sucked into talking about it.

2. Don’t go too fast. Remember your first few dates should not be treated like a NASCAR race. Relax and slow down. Avoid any conversation about future events together, meeting the family or implying that you are in a race with your “biological clock.” This type of conversations could make your date run the other way.

3. Try not to oversell yourself. Stay away from material or superficial aspects of your life. Avoid spending time bragging about:

  • Material wealth 

  • Job titles that imply money or power

  • Names of people who run in elite social circles

  • All the people who were or are dying to date you

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4. Lets talk about sex! ….NOT! Never discuss your sexual history or sexual preferences on the first date. Sex can be a very private and personal subject and can make people immediately uncomfortable. Remember, the first few dates are about getting to know the character of a person and whether or not you both have a true attraction towards each other.

5. Do not interrogate your date. Remember you are not an FBI agent. Keep the conversation fun and light so that your date will want to learn more about you on your second date.

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