Are you so in love everybody knows it? This isn’t always a good thing. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, when you share the love, you really share the love with everyone you know — and sometimes even the people they know too! Your relationships could be overloading your friend’s feeds. Follow these dos and don’ts so your virtual PDA doesn’t become, well, TMI.

DO wish your love a happy birthday on their Facebook wall.

DON’T wish your love a happy birthday on their Facebook wall and then go into details about that “something special” you have planned for them that night. Take those thoughts to their inbox.

DO post photos of yourselves having a fabulous time on vacation.

DON’T post photos of yourselves romping around half naked on the beach or in bed.

DO drop them a little note every now and then on their wall to say how much you miss or love them.

DON’T leave posts expressing your undying adoration and devotion five times day. Can’t you just tell ‘em in person?

DO post a video or song “dedicated to your boo”.

DON’T post Color Me Badd’s “I Wanna Sex You Up” (New Jack Swing Edition) or Rihanna’s “S&M” with the message “see you tonight” attached.  #TMI

DO, by all means, tweet or post sweet photos of a precious pucker moment.

DON’T share those raunchy camera phone closeups of you two locked in passionate tongue war.