When I first got the email pitch about blexBox, a subscription box service delivering a batch of new sex products each quarter, I was intrigued by this unique concept. When I continued learning about the company’s focus on helping Black couples (and singles!) achieve real intimacy, I was completely sold.

Blex Technologies minces no words about its target audience. The company’s mission is “to create products and solutions that empower our people to feel invigorated about discussing their sexual health, can confidently lead a healthy sex life, and openly flex their sexual curiosity.”

Research supports that there is a definite need for sexual empowerment and education within the Black community. A study by The National Center for Biotechnology Information found that children who don’t receive any formal sex education are more likely to be Black, low-income, and/or from single-parent households. Another study by the 2019 SKYN Condoms Sex & Intimacy Survey found that nearly 1/3 of sexually active Gen Z and Millennials never use condoms.

ESSENCE spoke exclusively with Blex leaders about how they plan to close the knowledge gaps. “Sexual health amongst the black community is an important initiative because, as a subsect of the population that has been proven to be more sexually active than other races, we have not been provided the resources to better understand what is best for our bodies,” says Shalita Smith, COO of blexBox. “Empowering our community to learn more about & prioritize their sexual health through an array of products fit for all stages of sexual exploration is how we aim to support our community within this initiative.”

An arm of Blex’s business is bringing the sex and wellness products right to your doorstep. blexBox is an intimacy kit and quarterly subscription box curated with top-notch sex products you might not have tried before. Everything featured is promised to be safe, ethical, carefully-chosen and what the company calls “melanin-mindful.” Just in time, the company is launching a special Valentine’s Day edition of their intimacy kit with sexy products like Maude’s Massage candle, High On Love’s Chocolate body paint, Dame’s Fin Vibrator and more.

In addition to the box, you can stay informed and empowered through the company’s Blex App – the first mobile app on the market designed to bring sexual health and awareness to Black users. No topic – be it pregnancy, personal hygiene or masturbation – is off-limits.

The products included in the blexBox would cost you around $180 à la cart, but you’ll be saving big with this curated package for only $99. Orders begin dispatching on February 3rd.

There you have it! No way you’ll have a dull Valentine’s Day this year.


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