Advice On Celebrating Your Single Life While Still Making Room To Manifest Love

To all the fabulously single sisters across the globe, what we’re not going to do this Valentine’s Day is be down on ourselves about our dating status. We know that those V-Day blues are real, but instead, celebrate your singleness and prepare and plan for what’s to come. You know that you are gorgeous, intelligent, kind, and worthy of LOVE…and that it will arrive in your life when and how it’s supposed to show up! As relationship coaches and professional matchmakers we’re here to support you, guide you and provide you with the tools to declare when the time is right for love in your life, but until then, here are a few tips and tricks to guide you along the way.

  1. Remember the Reason For The Season. Valentine’s Day is a day to honor love. Yes, you might be single right now, and maybe even by choice, but what other loving relationships in your life can you celebrate?  Who from your tribe can you honor as part of your tribe that makes you feel loved?  You might want to use the holiday to call your list of loved ones, meet them for a meal or invite them over.  It would most likely be a gift not only for them but also for you. When was the last time you’ve called a special girlfriend and thanked her for the love shown to you over the years? Remember, this is your chosen family. 
  2. Self-Love Is Key Baby. So right now, maybe you just got out of a relationship or it’s been a while since you’ve been committed to another, either way, the happier you are, the better life will be for you and for anyone you meet in the future.  Celebrating the love and admiration for the woman that you’ve become on Valentine’s Day (and every day) is a win-win. As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s easy for those who are in relationships to look forward to cards and words of appreciation. But if you’re single, you can encourage yourself too and make time to take inventory of all of your best and most amazing qualities.  Print out your absolute favorite photo of yourself and glue it to the center of a board.  Then list around your photo words like, “Beautiful”, “Amazing”, “Loyal”, “Kind”, “Dope”, or “Fashionista.” If you run out of words, invite your friends to tell you what they would write or say about you.  Once you’re done, you’ll have a board that reminds you every day why you are uniquely and wonderfully YOU and when you’re ready, will make the perfect partner in the relationship that you’re manifesting for yourself! We call it your self-worth board.
  3. Feel Those Feelings. Ex-factors tend to put a damper on Valentine’s Day for some. If the memories and feelings that come along with the day make it not so fun for you, that’s okay. That’s real. Allow yourself a little time (seriously, set your alarm!) to feel and work through those feelings, then move on to celebrating you, and the bright future that’s in store. Start getting intentional and make a list of what you you’re claiming in your next partner. Prepare to date differently and declare it done.
  4. Don’t Bully Love. We know it can be easier to bash love then to keep believe in it, sometimes. Even the very basic Law of Attraction reminds us that when you’re full of joy, contentment, and optimism the right partner will sense it and naturally be intrigued. Stay positive, sis!
  5. Do You Boo. There are no rules to how someone who isn’t in a relationship should celebrate or not celebrate Valentine’s Day. Don’t feel any pressure. If staying home and getting your beauty rest will make you happy, do just that. Or, if linking up with your friends and meeting new people at an event is your goal for the day, stay on track. Whether you’re serving others, pampering yourself, or just making it a low-key movie night, whatever makes you happy, just do it. 

In summary sisters, if you desire love, love is out there. If you desire change, make it happen. If you desire a date/relationship coach (we’re available), but if you’d prefer to just make Valentine’s Day 100-percent about you, that’s all good too. Here’s to LOVE!

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