Rapper Ace Hood Proposed To His Girlfriend, Wellness Influencer Shelah Marie

Hats off to Ace Hood for pulling off the proposal of his Beyonce-loving girlfriend’s dreams.

The rapper treated his longtime girlfriend, CurvyCurlyConscious founder Shelah Marie to a birthday dinner at Komodo Miami. Little did she know, the surprise of a lifetime was waiting inside. Instead of the intimate dinner for two she thought they were having, the restaurant was filled with a group of their closest family and friends. Beyonce’s “Formation” blared in the background as Ace got down on one knee. The entire party cheered as Shelah tearfully accepted the ring. Awwww!!

Catch the footage below, courtesy of TMZ.

Ace Hood and Shelah have won their Instagram followers over with their adorable self-care and meditation videos. They’ve even created the hashtag #RappersDoingYoga, where Ace tracks his journey as a Yogi.

Congrats! Wishing you two a lifetime of success and happiness.


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