'Power' Star Rotimi May Play A Messy Criminal Onscreen, But This Video Proves He's Smooth AF

The actor and singer gets personal in the ESSENCE Now Steam Room.

Lauren Porter Aug, 30, 2017

Power star Rotimi might not be a fan favorite, especially with his two-timing ways between Ghost and Kanan, but this video might change everyone’s mind.

The actor and singer steps into the ESSENCE steam room and let’s just say that things get a little hot! 

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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Hot chocolate in the house. Which part of a woman's body turns you on the most? I'd say, [MUSIC] I'd say the ****. If it's a good poem worthy amount, it's a big turn on. What's the sexiest place to make love? The sexiest place I've ever made love was. On top of a mountain, in Alabama, and we would have died if we moved five inches to the left, five inches to the right. It was like at the edge of the cliff. And it was just the most passionate thing. So, I say that. What's the best compliment you've ever received from a woman? That I'm very attentive, that I pay attention and I'm very, very passionate. And, I'm just really good at what I do. That's probably the best one I heard. How can a woman seduce you? Confidence. You gotta be really confident, and You just gotta do sometimes without being told. I think that's really sexy. What's your favorite song to make love to? [SOUND] My favorite song? Don't get mad, it's probably my song Anything Goes. I think the connection that is my song and such a sexy song turns her on and then turns me on as she's turned on, and we both turned on and it's just nasty. What's something sexy you'd whisper into a woman's ear? I think the sexiest thing during sex you can say is look at me. Like look me in my eyes, look at me. [MUSIC] And nothing that's probably sexy. That connection right there is, is a different type of connection. So, what do you wear to bed? Nothing God blessed your boy, you know what I'm saying. I forgot [UNKNOWN] I don't wear nothing to bed. Lights on or off? It doesn't matter. I'd rather you see what's going on, I'd rather you see what's happening to you. I'd rather you see the looks, the vibes, where my hands are, all that. So, lights off, it really don't matter, you choose. Mm, blow our readers a kiss. Okay [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC] It's getting hot in here. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Y'all crazy. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]