On Saturday, Twitter user Praize Kirkwood uploaded a video of her mom, Dawne, revealing a new haircut to her father. By Wednesday morning, the 45-second clip had more than 93,000 retweets and 320,000 plus likes. After two decades of rocking long dreads, Dawne decided it was time for a change. She cut her hair and in the snippet, we see her husband’s response and let’s just say it’s the best reaction ever. 

With his back turned to the door as Dawne made her entrance, Praize’s dad joyfully reacts to his wife showing off her new look. “Oh wow! You are so hot! Man, that is so nice,” he said with elation before adorning her cheek with a kiss. “You look like a Hollywood star, it’s awesome! Whew boy, I can’t believe it!”

Prior to cutting her hair, Dawne rocked waist-length dreads and was equally as stunning. 

Praize was touched by Twitter’s reaction to her parent’s display of love. In response to the positivity, even her mother created her own social media account. 

“I am not my hair. #Freedom #bigchop #guiltfree,” Dawne wrote. 

This is definitely a lesson of having someone who loves you inside and out!