Nuri And Yasir Have An Awkward Run-In While Out On A Date In A New Episode Of ‘Love Is_’
Courtesy of OWN

So what do you do when you accidentally run into a friend on a date with your ex…while you’re on a date?

In the new episode of LOVE IS_, the new summer series on OWN inspired by the love story of creator Mara Brock Akil and her husband Salim, Nuri and Yasir are watching a silent film at a movie theater and she just can’t help but read the captions aloud as they appear on the screen. Frustrated and annoyed by Nuri’s action, a fellow moviegoer–who just so happens to be her friend, Angela–turns to express her irritation only to blow her cover that she’s actually on a date with Nuri’s ex, Keith.


LOVE IS_ airs on OWN Tuesday at 10 p.m.