Niecy Nash On Finding Love With A Good Guy: ‘My Husband Has Taught Me What Consistency Looks Like’
Antikwar/Getty Images

When Niecy Nash and her husband Jay Tucker said “I do” on May 28, 2011, the actress knew she had found a good man. 

In the seven years since, the previously divorced mother of three and star of the hit TNT series Claws, has settled into blended family bliss with Tucker and with the passing of each day, it appears that they’re love and admiration for each other only grows stronger.

During a roundtable discussion at the New York City stop of the TNT’s Claws Pop Up Manicure Salon, where Nash, 48, made a surprise appearance, she shared one of the lessons married life with Tucker has taught her.

“I would have to say what my husband has taught me is what consistency looks like. Because a lot of times, people think like, ‘I’m looking for the big get. Like, I’m looking for you to buy me this or for you to take me there or for you to make this experience.'”

Nash and Tucker, an electrical engineer, met at a Labor Day Party in 2009. There was an instant connection between the couple, who exchanged numbers and didn’t look back. 

She continued, “But there is an added value to knowing that somebody loves you enough to pick up a child that ain’t theirs every day and make sure they eat. Or if they have a challenge, to know that, as a stepparent, you’re gonna stand in the gap. Or to know that, ‘I’m gonna be where I said I was gonna be. You ain’t gotta check behind me because I’m gonna be right where I said I was gonna be.’ And there’s something about the consistency of that that is lovely. The consistency of how you love [is special].”

That is special indeed!