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Nicole Spence: 30 Dates in 30 Days Update

Age: 28 HER SIGN: Gemini Her Job: Talent producer for Wendy Williams's radio & TV show Her Vibe: Comical and energetic. "I am always on. It's like I hear the word 'action!' in my head and I just go," Nicole says. DATING HISTORY: After a five-year relationship fizzled out two years ago (they grew apart), Nicole took time off from dating and sex. She was celibate for more than a year. "I needed time to realize that the hole in me wasn't a man-size one," she admits. But now she's back in the game. Her worst date: The brother who carried a rotten banana and reeked of grease because he picked her up after attending a fish fry. "I ended the date with a simple peace sign," says Nicole. WHAT SHE'S LOOKING FOR: A man who's tall, dark and sexy and can keep up with her zest for life. "Some men are intimidated by my personality, so I need someone extremely confident. Because if he's not, he's going to ask me to dim my personality down," she says.