Nicole Murphy is finally speaking out on the kiss seen ’round the world.

Back in July, the model and reality star, who was famously married to Eddie Murphy, was seen kissing director Antoine Fuqua at a hotel pool in Italy. The actress reportedly issued a statement saying she and Fuqua, who is married to actress Lela Rochon, are just friends. This morning, Murphy appeared on The Wendy Williams Show to give her official side of the story and apologize to anyone she may have hurt…including Rochon.

“It was a frozen-in-time thing,” Murphy told Williams, who experienced her own share of marital issues this year. “Trust me, I wish it didn’t happen. It was a moment where I should’ve thought more through the situation. Made better judgments. It’s something I apologized for.”

Murphy says at the time, Fuqua was in Italy for a film festival and she was also there for business. She also clarifies that the alleged statement issued on her behalf claiming Fuqua was just a family friend was 100% fake news. “There was a statement that was released. I did not put out that statement,” she revealed. “I was actually on an airplane coming back from Europe.”

But wait, there’s more! Murphy goes on to address accusations from actress LisaRaye McCoy, who went public with claims that she had an affair with her ex-husband Michael Misick. “It’s not true,” Murphy says of the accusation. “Her husband released a statement saying it’s not true. Nobody focused on that issue.”

Ultimately, Murphy says what happened between her and Fuqua is a lesson on doing your research before dating someone, because “this could happen to you.”

“It was a moment that should not have happened. I regret it,” Murphy said. “I apologize for it. I’m a human being it was a mistake. At the moment, maybe I had a different impression of [their marriage].” 

Directing the apology to Rochon, Murphy says, “Darling, it was a mistake. I apologize.”

Lela Rochon has yet to speak on this situation publicly, but did delete her social media pages right after the photos of her husband were released. She returned on September 3rd, wearing her wedding ring.

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Fuqua has said nothing publicly about the matter.