Love At Any Age! The Fly 86-Year-Old Bride Who Broke The Internet Dishes On Her Love Secrets

A few weeks ago, “Nana” Millie Taylor-Morrison became love at any age goals when she tied the knot at age 86 and completely slayed in the process. 

Because she truly has all the keys to finding her one true love and making her happily after ever dreams come true, we asked Nana Millie for the ultimate advice for following your heart.

Listen up ladies, it’s time to take notes.

“I’ve learned that you have to love yourself first, this way you will know your worth and won’t settle for just anything,” the beaming newlywed told ESSENCE. “Also, communication is very important. When you are in a relationship, you have to have those important conversations [about] finances, faith (equally yolked), morals, vales, kids etc…,I realized that a relationship is more than loving a person, it’s also finding out what they’re all about.”

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Millie and her new husband Harold met in the 1950s in the pews of their Newark, New Jersey church and while 60 years of life took them down different paths–including Harold’s attendance to Millie’s nuptials to her first husband–reconnecting at this age makes them feel younger than ever, which is why Millie is a true testament that love can come no matter the age. 

“Well, I believe that love can come at any age,” she shared. “But I do think that when you’re older, you really know what you’re looking for because of life experiences, you really know what love is and should be all about. There are just certain things that you will not tolerate regardless.”

Here’s to the success of love, no matter what!