Just days before her birthday, Michelle Williams sought professional help for her battle with depression and her fiancé, Chad Johnson, has been by her side every step of the way. The singer took to Instagram upon her release over the weekend to share that she was in better spirits and she had special people in her life to thank for that.
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“Thank you ALL sooooooooooooooo much for every message of love and support sent! My family, friends and fiancé have been AWESOME! Sitting here reflecting on the past two weeks,” she wrote in her IG caption. On July 17th, Williams checked herself into a mental health facility in Los Angeles and since then she’s been beyond grateful for fans’ support. The 38-year-old continued, “I had no plans of what I was going through being public BUT now that it is I have a made an even BIGGER commitment to the mental health awareness area. So many people are suffering, hurting, hopeless, lost and don’t see a way out but there is. Depression sucks, but my faith in God and my commitment to doing the work to stay well is my way out! You have to do the work even when you’re tired and feel the heaviness. Take one step at a time! Don’t overwhelm yourself. If you can just get up out the bed and brush your teeth and shower…..DO IT. For people dealing with depression , that is a HUGE step! Now don’t be depressed AND stinky…..pick a struggle! (y’all know I had to add some humor) Anyhoo…..I love you all very much! Talk soon! (yes I need a fill and my roots need to be flat ironed….bye…..I haven’t lost my humor) Oh……Miss Tina cooked a HUGE meal for me the other night too, I just wanted to make y’all jealous!” Johnson took to Instagram to share a note of how proud he was of his soon-to-be Mrs. and to commemorate her July 23rd birthday as well. “I missed the IG birthday shout out to my beautiful and (insert a million more phenomenal adjectives here) fiancé, due to all we have been facing as of late! Today, I’m “In My Feelings” (not over KeKe either!) because doing LIFE with you @michellewilliams has been one of the greatest experiences anyone could ever have, EVER! This pic was a year ago, when the world found out about “US”… back then, our relationship was flooded with puppy love, a ton of laughter, with fun and new experiences…. but it essentially was untested!!!! If someone would’ve told me that a year later we would have faced all that we have in such a short period… I wouldn’t have believed them and/or ran like my name was Forrest! Today, as the world has dimly seen, we have been tested beyond what I could’ve imagined, proven beyond what I could have desired, and persevered like ONLY God can carry us through (this pic says it all)! Through it all You have remained with a pliable and moldable heart in the hands of our Maker, and that makes me love you even more!! Happy Birthday (ig late) baby! Here’s to All Of me for All of you! I love you! #restart,” he wrote. In March, the pastor and sports chaplain popped the question after the two met in 2017 at an Arizona spiritual retreat. We’re so glad to see Michelle has Chad by her side through it all!