<p>The Fellas Share How They Really Feel About The Valentine's Day Struggle, Not Getting Gifts and Making You Happy!</p>


We get it, Valentine’s Day can be a little tricky for the fellas. Although the meaning of the holiday is about celebrating love, sometimes it can feel more about the ladies than their sweethearts.

On February 14th, some women have certain “expectations” about how a man should treat her, and whether he’s single, married or somwhere in between, we know it can sometimes feel like the pressure’s on…Or is it? Do they even sweat it? is it a big deal? We asked some brothers to sit down and have a candid conversation about the Valentine’s Day struggle and how they choose to handle it (or not!).

As expected, they didn’t hold back, and we learned a few things from letting them say their piece. Like, who knew some men feel they get more love from Snapchat then their partners on holidays? We didn’t see that one coming!