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Men Get Real About Their Vulnerability and Trust Issues and The Surprising Way They Know A Woman's In Love


It’s always refreshing when you hear men open up about their vulnerabilites and true feelings when it comes to matters of the heart.

In February, Valentine’s Day comes with a lot of discussion about relationships. When should you be in them? How do you know if it’s the right one? What makes a relationship healthy or happy?

A lot of people proceed with caution when it comes to love in an attempt not to move too fast because they don’t want to end up heartbroken. We asked a group of fellas, one married, one engaged and two single, to explore these topics and be honest about how they feel and why they feel that way.

We asked them about the struggle that comes with establishing trust with someone new, how they choose to be vulnerable about their thoughts and emotions, and the barometer for establishing intimacy within a relationship. (Which may or may not involve farting on your potential significant other’s leg.)

Watch and see what the guys had to say.


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