Valentine’s Day usually entails things we’ve all come to expect from our partners like an exchange of gifts, an intimate dinner for two and much-needed quality time. Actresses Meagan Good and Grace Byers decided to switch things up this year by joining forces and surprising their doppelganger husbands, DeVon Franklin and Trai Byers, with something epic.

Rather than spend V-day with their husbands individually, Good and Byers took things up a notch by arranging a surprise double brunch date. Based on the video, the couples had plans to meet up for a morning workout session. The ladies apparently told the guys they were going to stay behind and “sleep in.” Unbeknownst to the fellas, their wives hired a private chef to come over and whip up some delicious food as they decorated their suite with heart-shaped cutouts.

When Franklin and Byers walked in for the big reveal, the look of shock on their faces was priceless. “Y’all are so sneaky,” Franklin jokes before giving his wife a loving kiss.

The couple besties frequently meet up for double dates, and often joke about how much Franklin and Byers look alike. Many of their celebrity friends revealed in the comments that they’re just now noticing the resemblance. “I was ‘today’ years old when I found out #traibyers and @devonfranklin are REALLY twins or brothers or SOMETHING!!!,” Byers’s Empire co-star Taraji P. Henson wrote in her comment section. Singer/actress Amber P. Riley revealed, “I never realized how much they looked alike.”

Oh, and in case you were wondering…the meal was just as good as the surprise. Chef Mark McLean whipped up a decadent spread which included tumeric spiced fried chicken, sweet potato pancakes, lobster and grits.

The weekend activities continued as the four lovebirds hung out, had dinner and engaged in a competitive game of spades.

Sounds like a lit Valentine’s Day to us!