Khadeen and Devale Ellis ‘Love The Journey’ No Matter Where They Go

Sponsored by Toyota
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 02, 2018

College and social media sweethearts Khadeen and Devale Ellis are famous for sharing their Black love with over 1 million followers and subscribers. Loving the journey while creating new memories, the couple we can all agree are certified #RelationshipGoals have invited us to intimate celebrations, hilarious family vacations and even the birth of their sons. So when the lovebirds hit the road in an all-new Toyota Avalon, the same thing goes: it’s a whole lot of laughs.

To capture the jokes, Khadeen keeps her camera ready for when Devale has anxiety ordering at the drive-thru. And when date night rolls around, to set the tone, they both use the Entune App Suite to sync and play the couples’ favorite playlist. No radio hogs here!

Watch as Khadeen and Devale show their love language and go places.