OWN’s newest unscripted series, Love & Marriage: Huntsville is promising to bring more of the reality highs and lows you love.

The new show focuses on three couples dedicated to helping their community while balancing the everyday struggles of life and love.

Centered in Huntsville, Alabama, which is currently booming in real estate development, the show follows three couples who hope to take viewers inside the Alabama they know and love. The couples promise to share how they’ve made names for themselves professionally and how they operate their joint real estate business, The Comeback Group, which aims to help revitalize poverty-stricken parts of Alabama through real estate and business.

Married stars Marsau and LaTisha Scott, Melody and Martell Holt, and soon-to-be married duo, Maurice Scott and Kimmi Grant, are all strong-minded, ambitious couples who are juggling their businesses, relationships and friendships, which as we‘ll see, doesn’t always end well.

As you prepare to tune in to see these real-life friends get candid about love and business, here’s your guide to who’s who, just in time for the show’s Jan 12 premiere at 10/9c on OWN.