Loni Love has accomplished quite a bit during her 45 years on the earth thus far.

She spent eight years working as an engineer before having a grand epiphany that it was about time she start tapping into her passions. Since then, she’s launched a hilarious career as a comedienne, became a talk show host on The Real, and even dabbled in a few TV shows and movies.

One things she hasn’t done yet? Marriage. And you know what? She’s absolutely content with that. 

In an interview with The Cut, Love talked about the love life everyone thinks she should have versus the happily ever after she’s living. 

“The most challenging thing for me is letting people know that I’m happy,” she admits. “People look at me and say, ‘You’re not married, you don’t have children,’ and I have to tell them that that was my choice.”

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The comic goes on to add that while at times her upbringing with a mother who taught her to pursue an education, get a job and settle down with a husband was the way she thought things should be done, she decided against following the “norm” in the pusuit of happiness–even if that meant she wasn’t someone’s wife.

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“For some women, that’s what they wanna do in life: They want to be a devoted mother and wife. I’m a devoted auntie and entertainer. Sometimes it’s challenging because people don’t believe me, and I have to tell them, ‘no, I’m fine. I’m okay.’ It’s not the end of the world because every woman is not married. That doesn’t define every woman. I enjoy children and I’m not anti-marriage.”

Love shares that she reached a turning point early in her life when she realized what other people wanted for her was something she wasn’t interested in. 

“When I was in my 20s, I decided what I wanted to do with my life and that’s what I’m doing. In your 20s, decide what you want to do. If you want to get married, work on that. If you want to have children, work on that. That’s the hardest thing: convincing people that I’m okay. I’m happy with me.”

Keep on loving life your way Ms. Loni, you’re doing a mighty fine job at it!