Loni Love Met Her Boyfriend Through Christian Mingle But Says They’re Not Christians: ‘I Wanted To Meet A Nice Man’
Amy Sussman/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank

During a recent visit to The Ellen Show, her old stomping grounds, The Real host and comedian Loni Love opened up about the very interesting way that she found love with her boyfriend, actor James Welsh. The couple have been together for three years now, and she reminded host Ellen DeGeneres that she had something to do with them meeting.

“Remember you set up my ChristianMingle.com website? ‘Cause I met him online on Christian Mingle even though we both not Christians,” she said as the audience burst into laughter. “But we religious. And we met on there and we’ve been together for three years. His name is James. He’s the sweetest.”

When Ellen asked her to clarify her use of the site for Christian singles, while not identifying as one, Loni broke it down in the hilarious way only she can.

“We’re religious but we’re not Christians. But you know what? I wanted to meet a nice man. And so I figured, well, let me go on ChristianMingle.com,” she said. “He was there too and when he said he wasn’t really Christian but he’s religious, I was like, maybe this is God’s way of putting us together. We’ve been together ever since.”

Loni has said in the past that James is the first white man that she’s dated.

“I was getting all types of men,” she told PEOPLE in 2019. “The mindset that I had was let me find out who the person is before I go judging and saying, ‘Oh, I can’t date you because of this or that.'”

“Everybody is so surprised and I’m surprised myself. But it really doesn’t matter. I’m the first African American woman he’s dated and he said he just didn’t think about it. It’s not a big deal,” she added. “We get along, we like each other, we understand each other.”

And they love each other. She became emotional during an episode of The Real when speaking on the impact the love and support James has offered her has had on her.

“He’s different, his culture’s different from mine, but when we come together we know about compatibility,” she said at the time. “That’s never changing.”

“You need to go out and find it, that one person that makes you feel good,” she added. “That one person you can turn to when you have a bad day. You don’t have to turn to your girlfriends or your mama. You turn to that one person and he understands and looks in your eyes, that’s the one you keep. I don’t care what color he is.”


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