LL Cool J is here to let you know, curvy girls got it!

During a recent episode with ESSENCE’s “Yes, Girl!” podcast, the legendary rapper and actor chatted it up about his decade-spanning career, his legacy, and of course some trendsetting moves he’s made over the years.

ESSENCE relationships director Charli Penn mentions that the film Last Holiday, co-starring LL and Queen Latifah, is one of the few romantic comedies with a curvy woman as the love interest. LL reminisces on the film, assuring listeners that curvy women are way more desirable than mainstream society would have us believe.

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“The guys that hear this will know that they like that,” he says. “Don’t confuse them red carpet moves with what cats is really loving. Dudes off the red carpet be like, ‘Yes, yes, yes.’ They fronting, believe me.”

The Queens native goes on to say that he’s always been inclusive of women of all sizes. “Listen, when I do my concerts and invite people on stage, we don’t throw scales in the audience. Just come on up. We rocking. It ain’t none of that. We handle it. So all the big girls out there, it’s all love, baby.”

When it comes to his real-life leading lady, wife Simone Smith, LL Cool J couldn’t be more proud of her entrepreneurial hustle. “The Simone I. Smith and the SisterLove jewelry lines are doing incredible,” says LL. “Her and Mary J Blige did a collaboration, and I want to thank all the ladies out there for supporting that because it’s going real well for them. I’m just here to try to facilitate her dream and help the dream become a reality.”

Listen to LL Cool J’s full episode on “Yes, Girl” below.


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