Lil’ Kim just blessed her fans with the new music they’ve been waiting on. Her new album 9 just dropped, and is her first studio release in fourteen. Of course, no one is a bigger fan than Lil Kim’s daughter Royal Reign.

The five-year-old appeared on her mom’s Instagram to help promote the new project. Seriously, this little one could sell ice to polar bears with all that cuteness. “Hello guys! I really, really really love my mom’s album,” Royal says in the video. “And make sure you keep streaming it and doing good things for it and everything. Bye! And make it #1! Keep streaming!”

For the people in the back, little miss Royal hopped back on for a second message. “I wanted to let you know that I’m Lil Kim’s daughter,” she announces for those who weren’t aware. “I’m in the car cause we’re going home. Make sure you keep streaming my mom #1… and I really, really love you guys. Bye! And peeeace!”

Lil’ Kim welcomed Royal Reign in 2014 with her ex-boyfriend, rapper Mr. Papers. In an interview with Hip Hollywood, she says that becoming a mother made her more ambitious as an artist.  “After I and my baby, I was like I have to get right to it,” she said. “I have to make sure that that baby has everything and doesn’t want for nothing.”

In accordance with the title, Lil’ Kim’s new album has 9 songs and includes guest verses from fellow acts like Rick Ross, O.T. Genasis and City Girls.