Frisky Friday: Tangled Up in Love

Luxury Bondage Accessories

If you’ve ever listened to 2010 ESSENCE Music Festival headliner Janet Jackson’s “Rope Burn” on repeat, this Frisky Friday might be for you. There’s something about being teased in bed without being able to see or touch your man that makes every hair on your body stand up in ecstasy. Adversely, it’s always a pleasure to watch him twist in anticipation as you take control. And here’s some more good news, just because you like to get all tangled up, doesn’t mean you have to get “rope burn.” Bondage isn’t only for fetish folks any more. Luxury “pleasure object” creator Lelo recently released a line of high end bedroom accessories that will hopefully keep you and your boo tied up in the dark for hours.

Sutra Chainlink Cuffs

Ditch those clunky metal handcuffs for these 100 percent silk Sutra Chainlink Cuffs. The super soft material will make you feel less like a convict and more like a sexy captive.

Boa Pleasure Ties

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Hold your man hostage by the ankles or wrists with silky Boa Pleasure Ties. Pouches of pearls hang at the end of these restraints adding extra versatility to your session. Close the ties into a tight space, the pearls will ensure that they won’t pull through.

Intima Silk Blindfold

The Intima Silk Blindfold is full adjustable with long silk ties in back for him to hold on to. We’ve already said too much. Figure it out.

Etherea Silk Cuffs

These silk and suede cuffs are not only soft and sensual they’re super cute. The long silk tie allows you to restrain bigger body parts like a waist or an upper thigh or two legs at the same time. The possibilities are endless.