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Larenz Tate Reveals He And His Wife Tomasina's Superpower

The actor revealed the secret principles that have kept his 20-year relationship with his wife strong.

We all know and love Larenz Tate for playing the heartthrob role in classic Black films like Love Jones and Why Do Fools Fall In Love. But his real-life love story with his wife Tomasina is one for the books. The two of them have been together for almost twenty years and have been married for 13. The hosts of ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast sat down with Tate not only about his role on the final season of Power but also the devoted husband he is at home.

“I like to believe I’m a really good friend to my wife,” he tells our hosts. “I think friendship is important. I see her as my queen. There’s a level of respect. We’ve always built our relationship on the principles and standards that work for she and I. We take the best of things from other people we’ve seen, family and friends. But at the end of the day, its what works for us.”

If you follow Tate’s social media, you’ll notice photos of Tomasina and their four sons are few and far between. Trust, it’s intentional. The actor says keeping a healthy divide between his public and professional life is a key to their marital success. “There’s a sense of privacy that is important to us,” he says. “It’s kind of like a superpower in a way. When it comes to our family, that’s so important. I just want to make sure I’m present for my wife and children.”

Listen to Larenz Tate’s full Yes, Girl! episode below.

“Being completely present is not only a successful tactic I want to make sure my four sons have all the best that they can have as young kings growing up. I want them to be loved, protected, educated and have a lot of support. My wife and children have to share me with the world, and that’s a big thing to ask. So when I’m with the family, I’m just a regular guy. My kids don’t care about any of this [fame].”