LaLa Anthony’s Valentine’s Day Message To Her Husband Came With A Warning
Jason Mallihan / Getty Images for Haute Time
Well, it looks like Lala and Carmelo Anthony are officially back together! The couple has been married since 2010, but they hit a rocky patch in 2017 when rumors of Carmelo’s infidelity hit the news. Though the couple didn’t directly address the cheating rumors publicly, the rift in the relationship was quite real and evident to savvy fans who stalked both stars’ Instagram pages for clues. But now, the storm appears to be over and Lala and Carmelo are together — and in love — again. On Valentine’s Day, the couple traded too-cute messages to one another, professing their everlasting love. Carmelo shared a picture of with the caption, “The Best Thing To Hold Onto In Life Is Each Other.” While LaLa told her hubby, “I’ve loved you since you were 19 & I will love you forever.” But it wasn’t all sweet. In her note to Carmelo, Lala included a poignant lyric from Beyonce’s song, “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” warning her husband: “You know I give you life…If you try this sh-t again…you gon lose your wife.” The song, which came from Bey’s groundbreaking album Lemonade, referred to Jay-Z’s past infidelity, and many took it as confirmation that Carmelo had been in them streets as well. Either way, the couple seems to be back on firm footing and we wish them a healthy and happy marriage!

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