What’s better than fireworks, cake, and everything else that could come with a July 4th wedding anniversary? Well, a performance from your favorite singer, of course!

Influencer couple Khadeen and Devale Ellis, stars of The Ellises web series and hosts of the Webby Award-winning Dead Ass podcast, were supposed to be basking in the sun and “feeling Irie” in Jamaica for their 10-year wedding anniversary. However, COVID-19 stood in the way of their plans. As a way celebrate this marriage milestone, Devale cleverly came up with an anniversary surprise for Khadeen with a surprise performance from one of their favorite singers, Jamie Foxx.

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The romantic video starts off with Devale telling Khadeen aka “Kay” how much he loves her. He confesses to starting a “fake argument” to get her out of the house so he could record his message in private. “You are truly a blessing, and I’ve been blessed to call you my wife for 10 years,” he confesses in the video. “You’re my best friend and I love you. Know this, you got me until I’ve got no more breath in my body.”

After Devale’s speech, Jamie Foxx appears on the screen, sitting at the piano playing his song “Heaven.” Khadeen immediately burst into tears of joy as Devale held her close. Grab a tissue and watch the heartwarming video below:

The Ellises, who wed in on July 4, 2010, also shared some throwback photos from their wedding day. Khadeen also revealed in a separate post that she walked down the aisle to “When I First Saw You” performed by Beyoncé and Jamie Foxx. Devale jokingly thanked his wife for allowing him to wear white socks and dress shoes as a tribute to Michael Jackson.

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Marriage celebrates the bonding of two souls but also the binding of two families. And in this case two starkly different families in terms of culture although we appear to be very similar— But one thing connected us very well, and that was our parent’s unyielding dedication to family, principles and legacy building. Our parents dedicated their lives to their children. That foundation cemented a yearning in Khadeen and I to find someone with the same mindset and do the same. So today on our 10 year wedding anniversary I want to thank our parents for being the ever present role models for Kay and I to aspire to be. You all inspire us in ways you will never understand by continuing to show up EVERY SINGLE DAY— flaws and all, because as people we all have them. I love you guys. . Sidebar… Only Kay would let me honor Michael Jackson with the loafers and white socks on our wedding day.💪🏾 I LOVE YOU WOMAN!!! . #DevalesTruth #TheEllises #TheJosephs #10Years #BuildAnEmpire #LeaveALegacy #MillennialMarriage

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Devale, a former NFL player and Khadeen, actress and professional makeup artist, have become one of the internet’s favorite couples over the years. Together, they share three sons and often chronicle their hilarious family moments for their combined 1.6 million Instagram followers.

In an exclusive interview with ESSENCE in 2018, the Ellises revealed that they started dating as college sweethearts and have been inseparable ever since. “The glue that makes our love stick is an unyielding work ethic and a commitment to being friends first with a desire to see the other win in life,” they told us. “We just find a way to laugh at EVERYTHING!”

Wishing this happy couple many more years of love and laughs!