Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker initially didn’t know exactly what to expect from the surrogacy process. Thanks to the guidance of OB-GYN and Married To Medicine star Dr. Jackie Walters, and their surrogate Shadina Blunt, they now have a beautiful and healthy baby girl named Blaze.

Burruss has discussed the mixed emotions that come with not physically carrying their child. But one thing she’s certain of is how thankful she is for the women who made this process a breeze. In a touching Instagram post writes:

“I’m still in awe of my baby girl @blazetucker! I just wanna say thank you sooooo much to @therealdrjackie [and] @shadinablunt for helping us bring our beautiful baby girl in the world. There are no words that can express our gratitude! @shadinablunt is normally a super private person so helping us in this journey has been different for her. Please send love [and] light to her [and] @therealdrjackie! They mean a lot to our family.”

Kandi also let fans into the delivery room with a cute Instagram video showing herself, Shadina and Dr. Jackie having fun as they await baby Blaze. Shadina also attempts to “drop it like its hot,” but was warned to take it easy in order to keep her blood pressure down.

These are the moments that make Kandi smile. She writes, “Everybody’s relationship with their surrogate is different but in my case I definitely feel like I gained a new friend. It was teamwork getting @blazetucker here. In the delivery room we were laughing, dancing, doing what we could to help Shadina through the delivery.”

Clearly, their little dance party got the process moving along. Blaze Tucker was born arrived at 6:54 p.m. on November 22 weighing 8 pounds and 1 ounce. In a special delivery video published on YouTube, Kandi shares how she and Todd came up with their child’s name. “So we had [the names] Banks and Blaze. We had everybody voting for it. Blaze won by just a couple of votes — and when I say ‘everybody,’ I mean friends, family, whatever.'”

Congratulations to the beautiful couple on their gorgeous new arrival!


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