Kandi Burruss’s eldest daughter, Riley Burruss, has practically grown up before our eyes. Now, the high school senior is about to leave the nest – relocating to New York City to pursue higher education.

In a video shared on Riley’s Instagram page, she sits with her mom and little brother Ace to announce that she’s officially part of New York University’s class of 2024.

“Hi everyone. I just want to say that I got into college! NYU, my first choice, and the school I’ve been planning on going to for years,” says the ecstatic 17-year-old. “This is such a huge step in my path of being an entertainment lawyer and a huge city with so many opportunities.”

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The video then cuts to footage od Riley reading her acceptance letter. The ladies were so excited, they could barely keep the camera rolling.

Riley’s decision to move to the Big Apple seems like a natural fit, as the teen recently spent this past summer there for an internship at a law firm. Riley was blessed to snag a high rise apartment as her first pad instead of the city’s smaller digs. Go ahead, girl!

In the longer version of the video posted on YouTube, Riley spoke about keeping her emotions in check while waiting for the news.

“I was definitely stressed, because sometimes it doesn’t settle in that you can be denied until right when it’s around the corner. I always like to think positive and manifest my thoughts. So I never once said ‘I’m not getting in.’ I never once said ‘Oh what if I don’t get in.’ Whenever I’m talking to people, I’m like, ‘Well you know if anything else happens, then I’m using this as a backup plan.”

We’re so glad this smart cookie manifested her dreams into reality. Congratulations Riley!


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