Bride-to-Be: Whitney Leone Boggs, 26, Media Marketing Coordinator

Groom-to-Be: Jeremy Michael Lewis, 26, Digital Sales Planner

To Be Married On: September 2, 2012

A Botched High School Hook Up
During Whitney and Jeremy’s sophomore year of high school a friend introduced them at the Michigan State Fair. He was very shy back then and unsure of what to say to the beautiful girl who stood before him, so Whitney’s first words to him wound up being, “Are you going to say anything?” He never did, and he wouldn’t see Whitney again until years later, when they bumped into each other during winter break from college at a New Year’s party in their hometown of Detroit.

Thank You, Facebook
The day a Facebook alert popped up on his screen telling Jeremy it was Whitney’s birthday, he knew it was his second chance to charm her. He called to wish her a happy birthday and made it clear his intentions were more than friendly. They connected at the annual Howard vs. Hampton football game their senior year, and although they were on opposing sides, after a long walk on Hampton’s beautiful waterfront, they fell in love and became an unstoppable team.

A Real Life Fairytale
Whitney once told Jeremy she’d always dreamed of a super romantic proposal she could tell her kids about. He always joked that she was his “pretty, pretty princess,” so when he was ready to ask for her hand in marriage, Jeremy decided to create a fairytale for her. He wrote and bound an original tale starring Princess Whitney, and on her 26th birthday he gave it to her wrapped in a bow. As she read the story aloud, the last page revealed that the princess would soon become a queen. Whitney looked over to find Jeremy on bended knee with a ring. She was absolutely blown away by his über romantic sentiment. Join us in congratulating the pair on their exciting engagement, as they prepare for the next chapter in their love story.

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