The Lucky Lady: Terri- Nicole Brown, 26, Executive Assistant to CEO of Activation at Grey Group

Her Leading Man: Michael Texidor, 26, Digital Media Analyst at Crain Communications

The Big Day: May 17, 2013

Wedding Location: Woodbury Country in Long Island, NY

Where and how did you meet your man?

I met him at the end of my junior year of high school. We saw each other in passing before but were not officially introduced until that year. We were reacquainted my senior year through a mutual friend and we grew closer as we ran the student government and the student activities committee together.

What was your first impression of him?

I thought he didn’t look like a Michael so I decided to call him Chris. I soon learned that it bothered him so I stopped. He was so intelligent and mature for his age. Superficially speaking, he had a beautiful smile with deep dimples, and I love dimples.

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What was his first impression of you?

He said I was super energetic and always moving. Not sure if that was a good comment or not, but he thought my everyday happiness was refreshing.

At what moment did you know he was “The One” for you?

I was getting ready to leave for college, so being in a serious relationship was the furthest thing from my mind. In August, I went on vacation, and upon my return I became very ill. I was extremely contagious and bedridden but he still came to see me every day. We were 17 years old at the time and he sacrificed hanging with his friends to come read me stories and rub my feet. Every day he told me how beautiful I was. I fell in love with him then and never ever wanted to let him go.

Describe your most romantic date ever.

To me, our most romantic date was on my 21st birthday. We are from New York City, born and raised, but there were tons of tourist things I had never done. He decided to surprise me with a weekend in Manhattan. We went to see a Broadway show, ate at some of the best restaurants, took a carriage ride, ice-skated in Central Park and visited the Museum of Modern Art. But the best part of all was when he gave me my promise ring and vowed to me that he would always love me, take me on adventures, listen to my plans and needs and help me reach or obtain them. He promised me that there was no turning back for us; we were meant to be. It was the best weekend ever!

How did he pop the question?

We both took off the day to celebrate his 26th birthday. We spent the entire day visiting our old stomping grounds, including our old high school where we had our first kiss and fell in love. That night, we went to dinner for his birthday with his family, and when we got home, he stopped me at the bottom of the stairs and told me to wait a second. Then, he yelled for me to come up, and when I walked upstairs and opened the door to our apartment, there was music playing our song, “Forever & For Always” by Shania Twain. There were candles and rose petals and he made me sit in a chair and open this big box. In the box was a bear he bought me the first time we left each other nine years ago for college tours, a scrapbook of our story from the entire nine-year relationship and almost every letter we ever wrote each other. At the end of the scrapbook was a new letter he wrote. It was so beautiful. Then he asked for his birthday present — me! He formally asked me to marry him, then he asked me to dance and  surprised me with my family and best friends waiting downstairs with champagne and cake. It was amazing!