The Lucky Lady: NaToya Ray Hill, 26, Recruitment, Retention & Program Specialist

Her Leading Man: Joey Kinnard Sanders, 29, Teacher/High School Football Coach

The Big Day: December 13, 2014

Wedding Location: Starkville, Mississippi

Where did you meet your man?
At Davis Wade Stadium on the campus of Mississippi State University.

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What was your first impression of him?
He was handsome and a true gentleman. When I first saw him, I told my sister, “I’m going to marry that man.”

At what moment did you know he was ‘The One’ for you?
The moment I saw him. It was just a funny feeling—one that I’ve never felt before. Oh, and when I asked him what his favorite movie is, he replied American Gangster. It was then that I knew we were meant to be together. (It’s mine too!)

Why is he the best man for you?
He loves me unconditionally and respects me as his better half—that’s enough for me.

How did he pop the question?
It was my 25th birthday. He’s a football coach so I figured he would get home late and we would have to celebrate on the weekend. Surprisingly he got home early and took me to dinner. The restaurant was empty, so I was trying to rush eating so we could get out of their way. Joey was taking his sweet time. When the waiter asked if we wanted dessert, he insisted on a serving of their signature bread pudding. Within a few minutes, I heard someone singing happy birthday. I knew that it wasn’t the traditional ‘restaurant birthday song,’ and I thought to myself, this person can really sing. To my surprise, it was Joey’s brother-in-law. He sang happy birthday, brought the dessert, and the next thing I knew Joey asked me to stand up and he was on one knee.

Photos: Carlyn Photography