The Lucky Lady: Minah Banks, 31, Student Services Representative

Her Leading Man: Aaron Bereal Sr., 30, Vocalist

The Big Day: June 21, 2014

Wedding Location: Pasadena, CA

Where and how did you meet your man?
I met Aaron through is younger sister. She and I shared mutual friends.

What was your past dating life like?
I experienced a rough break up before I started dating Aaron. I think one of my challenges dating was that I dated men who loved my bold and outspoken character yet they were intimidated by it at the same time. I’m a very strong individual with no tolerance for foolishness. Once guys got a hint of that, sometimes they didn’t know how to deal with it.

Did you play hard to get?
I didn’t play hard to get. I didn’t think I had to. I knew there were mutual feelings for each other.

Most romantic date ever?
Our most romantic date so far was our first date. Since Aaron is an artist and he had never been, I decided it would be a good idea to take him to the Getty Museum. We visited all types of exhibits throughout the night. Once the sun set we were able to look out at the breathtaking views of Los Angeles. It was gorgeous but I loved that I was able to make Aaron smile.

At what moment did you know he was “The One” for you?
I knew that Aaron was the one for me early on in our relationship. I knew the first time he went to battle for me in prayer. I knew that he would protect my heart in that moment.

How did he pop the question?
We gathered for dinner at a Jazz restaurant for my 31st birthday with my close friends and family. The emcee of the night introduced the special guest of the evening and, to oru surprise, it was Aaron. He sang one of our songs, “Who You Love” by John Mayer and Katy Perry. There was even a poem. After which, he proposed!

Photos: M.F.B Entertainment