The Lucky Lady: LaShawn Wilson, 30, HBO Marketing Associate Manager

Her Leading Man: Cedric D. Shine, 29, Development and Operations Associate

The Big Day: October 19, 2013

Wedding Location: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

How did you meet your man?
Ced and I both went to undergrad at Temple University together, so we sort of knew of each other through mutual friends. He was in a fraternity, and I was in the sister sorority, which brought us into the same circles. However, it wasn’t until after we had both graduated that we were able to reconnect and really get to know each other.

What was your first impression of him?
My first impression of Cedric was back in undergrad right after he became a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., and all I can say is, I thought he was very confident. He was speaking at a program and had a cuteness to him, but I definitely thought he was a little cocky.

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What was your most romantic date?
When he surprised me with tickets to a Bilal concert for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t know what to expect, but the concert was really nice and I truly felt the love in the room. It was an intimate concert for a small crowd with low lite, so it seemed really personal. I had a wonderful time.

What’s the sweetest thing he has ever done for you?
He is the epitome of sweet. From writing love poems to making a heart shaped design on our bed using rose petals, he is awesome. He once surprised me with Alvin Ailey tickets for my mother and gets ranked pretty high on the list. Not only does he know my love for the art, but he also knows that it meant so much for me to experience that with my mom.

What do your parents say about him?
My dad passed away, so it is just my mom and she loves him. She thinks that he sometimes knows it all, and they playfully go back and forth about who is right, but there is nothing that she wouldn’t do for him. I know that if my dad was still here, he would have nothing but respect for him as they share very similar qualities and interests.

Who would you cast to play your future hubby in a movie?
I would get Most Def to play Ced in a movie. From being somewhat militant and appreciating Black culture, to being one who stands out in a crowd and is up on all things current, I think Most Def could definitely embody the multiple facets of Cedric.

What do you love most about your bride-to-be?
LaShawn is extremely driven and stops at nothing to achieve her goals. There’s something really sexy about a woman who knows what she wants and just how to get it. Not to mention she can be extremely sweet and thoughtful, it’s like… what’s not to love.

Cedric, were you nervous before your big proposal?
Any man that tells you that he wasn’t nervous about proposing is telling you a bold face lie! Proposals are the things fairytales are made of and some women have been dreaming about the moment for their entire life. (Talk about pressure!) I thought I put together a pretty solid plan, so it was just about execution. Whenever I hear her tell the story, I’m reminded that I must have done a pretty okay job.

Photos: Carl Chisolm