The Lucky Lady: LeNita “Joy” Long, 28, Research Interventionist/Health Counselor

Her Leading Man: Caique Vidal de Oliveira, 28, Musician/ESL Student

The Big Day: September 14, 2013

Wedding Location: Raleigh, NC

How did you meet your man?
During my travels to Brazil, I went to see the world renowned Black ballet, Bale Folclorico in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. I noticed Caique, and I was immediately stricken and found him to be such a beautiful sight. But, no words were exchanged. As we were about to exit the venue, I heard the most distinct, accented version of “You Are So Beautiful” being sung to me. I saw the world’s most gorgeous smile as he warmly greeted me, and he had me at “hello.” The rest is history!

Were you looking for love at the time?
No, not at all.

Did you play hard to get?
Yes, I acted like he was not there, but I was so disappointed when he was playing hard to get too.

Did you know she was ‘The One’ right away?
Yeah, I just needed a couple of hours to find that the enchantment that I was feeling was love.

Did you play hard to get?
Yes, I acted like he was not there, but I was so disappointed when he was playing hard to get too.

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Was it love at first sight?
I never believed in love at first sight until I met Caique. I went years thinking that having a soul-mate and love at first sight was only for the movies and far away from reality. However, when I met him in Brazil, I learned how powerful, instant and true love at first sight could be.

Describe your most romantic date ever?
It was during the summer of 2011 in New York City’s Central Park. We had a picnic, talked for hours and got lost in time.

At what moment did you know he was “The One?”
When I learned about his perception of the world and people and experienced his gentle spirit. I saw the way that Caique treated others, especially children, older people and animals, and I knew that he was rare and my soulmate.

Did you have a hunch he was going to propose?
No, I knew that he was up to something, but I could not quite figure it out.

How did he pop the question?
Caique organized a day with my parents and one of my friends on a beautiful, fall Sunday at our beloved Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina. During the tour of the gardens, Caique pulled out his computer to present this montage video of our history together playing to the tune of Bruno Mars, “Marry You.” When the video ended with “You Are So Beautiful” (which he sung to me when we first met), he got down on one knee with my ring in hand and asked me to marry him.

What was really going through your mind as he proposed?
He tricked me!

Second to his heart, what’s the other sexiest part of his body?
That kiss!

What are you most looking forward to about marriage?
The memories we’ll make as we grow our family and travel the world together.

Photos: Chris Charles/ Creative Silence