Bride-to-Be: Felicia Cheri Taylor, 29, Deputy Project Manager

Groom-to-Be: Christopher Lamont Gaines, 35, Systems Analyst

Wedding Date: July 28th, 2012

Wedding Location: West Virginia

Theme: A Political Affair

Dated: 5 Years Before Engagement

Third Shift Bliss
When Felicia and Chris first laid eyes on each other everyone else they knew was sleeping. They worked at the same place but had never met because she worked the night shift and he worked days. One night, Chris came in early to get some overtime hours. While he stood there staring at his schedule, which he wasn’t a fan of, Felicia walked by and said, “looking at it won’t change it.”  They joked about it for a few minutes, then met again later for an early morning walk. When Chris asked for Felicia’s number she wrote it down on a little piece of paper and told him he “he better not give it out to anyone”. Chris admits that he was so intimidated, he almost didn’t call; but he’s so glad he did. Amazed at Felicia’s beauty and charm he called, and they started taking, and talking — and talking!

Fun and Games
On Christmas night 2010, Felicia and Chris were at her godmother’s house in Boston spending time with her family. They decided to play a game her sisters created that was a mix of Scrabble and Go Fish. The object of the game was to spell a word using the letter you fished out the bag. Growing frustrated with Felicia’s boring word play, her sisters started spelling something she didn’t understand. When they were done the board said, “Cute Tee Will You Marry Me” with the words “Kiss” and “Love U” on the sides. It took Felicia a few moments to figure out what it said and when she did she turned to find Chris on bended knee with her engagement ring in his hand.

Felicia’s family screamed so loudly she didn’t hear him officially ask, so as she rocked, cried, and stared nervously, he thought she was hesitating and she thought he hadn’t yet asked. The lovebirds finally figured it out and embraced each other. Now they’re planning their summer wedding and enjoying every single moment of their engagement. Take a look at their fabulous and unique engagement shoot.

Photography by Keith Cephus Photography