The Lucky Lady: Daishae’ Pope, 27, Senior Analyst

Her Leading Man: Warren Joel-Curtis Cox, 28, Branch Manager

The Big Day: Valentine’s Day 2015

Wedding Location: Camp Springs, Maryland

Where and how did you meet your man?
Warren and I met in 2003 during our junior year of high school, but we did not start dating right away. While I was on break during summer volleyball camp we ran into each other in the hall and exchanged phone numbers. From that day on we started talking daily and we began dating in 2004, a little before the start of our senior year of high school. We both attended college in North Carolina—I went to Elon University and Warren attended Johnson & Wales University.

Was it love at first sight?
No, I was only 17 when we met. It’s funny how life works. When Warren and I met for the first time we actually did not get along. As time progressed, and we matured, something just clicked.

Most romantic date ever?
Warren knows that I love the city so he took me to D.C. It was a beautiful night where we just walked around and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We had a romantic dinner and sat beside each other and talked and talked. After dinner we had a great time at the DC Improv where we laughed the night away.

Best vacation moment?
Visiting Montego Bay, Jamaica for a friend’s wedding. That was the first time Warren traveled out of the country. We had a great time on the beach and hanging out with our friends.

Who said “I love you” first?
We actually said it at the same time as we were sitting in his basement talking. I said, “I have something to tell you.” He responded, “Me too.” Hoping that he would say exactly the same thing I told him we should say it at the same exact time. It was a warm and great feeling just to hear those words.

How did he pop the question?
It was December 6th and Warren and I attended a Christmas party hosted by friends. As the night progressed I noticed Warren was very uptight and just not acting like his normal self. I vividly remember asking him over and over again what was wrong. He continued to assure me that he was fine and was just a little tired, so I brushed it off and continued mingling with family and friends. As we were walking back to our seats from taking photos one of my favorite songs came on, “A Couple of Forevers” by Chrisette Michelle. As the song played in the background I looked at Warren with the googly eyes. I heard my Uncle Mike call me on stage. When I turned back around to look at Warren everything just clicked. As I walked towards the stage I just began to cry because I realized what was happening. Warren greeted me on one knee and asked me to marry him, and of course, I said yes.

Photos: Dotun Ayodeji

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