Bride-to-be: Cynetra Kenyatta Bristol, 30, Circulation Manager/Special Events Coordinator

Groom-to-be: David Langston McMillan, 31, Visa/Passport Coordinator for the State Department

Young Love

Imagine knowing your significant other for most of your life… twelve years, to be exact. Well, once upon a time, that’s the way Cynetra and David’s fairytale love story began. Meeting their senior year in high school, the couple first set eyes on each other at the Spring Dance Concert. David claims Cynetra didn’t pay him any attention, but she says she did notice how funny he was. Time passed by and after not seeing each other for years, David and Cynetra met again on the promenade at Clark Atlanta University, where she was a student and he was attending Morehouse College next door. The pair instantly rekindled their friendship.

“He was coming from football practice at Morehouse College.” Cynetra begins, “I had cornrows in my hair and he started singing a song by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony!”

Laughter ensued, and the two had their first date at Mick’s restaurant in Atlanta. As great friends, Cynetra didn’t really see David through a romantic lens at the time. But his loyalty and charm eventually tugged at her heartstrings, and totally won her over.

“During Christmas break, I wanted to see the movie the ‘Best Man’ again,” recalls Cynetra.”Since it came out two months before, it was in limited theaters. Dave drove me all the way to Manassas, VA to a small theater just to see that movie. I still have the movie stub!”

The One
The cliche says love stands the test of time, and that had been the case from the beginning with Cynetra and Dave.

“I knew Cynetra was The One at the beginning of my ‘super’ senior year at Morehouse,” David explains, “My old roommate had moved on and the new rooming situation was being delayed for two weeks. I was stranded in Atlanta, but Cynetra welcomed me into her small one-bedroom apartment like we were an old married couple. I didn’t know if I could handle 24/7 Cynetra Bristol! But I enjoyed every minute of those two weeks.”

And so over time, the couple built countless memories. But there is one memory, that Cynetra recounts with great detail.

The Proposal
It was a special day, David’s birthday. Cynetra decided she wanted to take David to a special steakhouse. When she returned from the bathroom after their meal, she expected the waiter to have a candle in his dessert for him. But instead, David turned his special day into hers.

“When the server returned to the table, he had two plates but no candle. The server said, ‘I don’t have a candle because I didn’t want to distract from this, and placed the two plates down. One with the ring and the other was my bread pudding.”

Overjoyed, and totally speechless, Cynetra accepted and the two lived happily ever after!


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