The Lucky Lady: Bridgette Murphy, 28, Financial Administrator

Her Leading Man: Jermel Deon Reed, 28, Mortgage Auditor

The Big Day: May 4, 2013

How did you meet your man?
I met Deon at a service for young adults at our church. The group went out to eat afterward, and there was only one seat left when he came in a little later. It was right next to me. He sat down, and I immediately thought nice smile.  We talked like we had known each other for years. He made me smile and gave me that little girl giggle. I knew he was someone special.

Were you looking for love at the time?
I wasn’t desperately searching, but yes, I was open and ready for love. I felt I had matured enough as a woman and understood what I wanted in a man and in a husband. It took me a while, a few really bad relationships, but I finally came to a point of not being willing to settle. I knew God had the man that was my kind of crazy.

What was your first impression of Deon?
When he sat down next to me at the restaurant, I was thinking, You’re either a musician or a minister. They have a certain type of dress, which I really like. Come to find out, he is both a drummer and a Youth Pastor at his dad’s church.

Deon, did you know she was “The One” right away?
Pretty much. On our first date I asked her a specific question of which I had prayed to God about previously. She answered the question the very way that I told God my wife would need to answer, so I knew then.

What made you fall in love with her?
When I noticed that she would love me with my flaws and support me in anything I loved, even if it inconvenienced her.

Fill in the Blank: I think he chose to marry me because ______.
…I drew him in physically and God confirmed it spiritually. We also have amazing chemistry, and he believes I would make a great wife and mother to our children.

Fill in the Blank: When we’re (finally!) husband and wife, I can’t wait to _______.
…sign my name as Bridgette Reed.

Describe the man you’re about to marry in three words or less…
Loving, humble and faithful.

How did he pop the question?
He proposed on my birthday. We had dinner at a beautiful restaurant in the Omni Hotel, then afterward we were riding on a carriage ride through downtown Dallas, and that’s where he did it. It was a perfect night!

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Second to his heart, what’s the other sexiest part of his body?
His lips and his eyes…help me Jesus!

Who would you cast to play your future hubby in a movie?
Malcolm-Jamal Warner. He resembles him so much.